Dina-Perla is a speaker, coach and author of the biography Exodus from the lighthouse and the guide Living gracefulness. She speaks and writes about what she calls living gracefully, namely about personal growth, empowerment and spirituality. In the past years, she studied the works of many masters and different psychological and spiritual systems, including Kabbalah – her father was a Kabbalist, teacher and owner of the Center for Lurian Kabbala – and A course in miracles. Dina-Perla uses the acquired knowledge and her experiences to coach people 1:1. Her no-nonsense and yet warm style, the blend of works and the strong psychological and spiritual backbone distinguish her as a coach, resulting in lasting change.

Aside from her recent path, Dina-Perla is an integrated communications, PR & change director and spokeswoman. She does everything earned, owned, paid and shared media, from strategy to implementation. The emphasis is on external communication, reputation management and crisis communication. She uses different languages, namely Dutch – native, French – mother tongue, English – native and German – decent. Dina-Perla works within different industries, mostly in IT/tech and finance, but also in managing consulting, healthcare, energy, oil, gas and government. She has a massive network of (media-) relations, influencers and analysts throughout the Benelux region and beyond. She monitors market trends and developments within those industries. Apart from consulting, Dina-Perla provides a large amount of trainings. She presents or hosts debates, seminars, podcasts and vodcasts.