Living gracefully – hold on to your life path formulation and make wishes come true

To be able to build up a decent life in such a changeable world, spiritual development is put higher on the priority list. Decent in the sense that people live actively and know when to adapt to reality and when not. After all, every individual has the perfect picture of the perfect situation, which is not imposed by anyone or anything and which serves as a guide. This personal idea is called the life path formulation. People want to maintain happiness and well-being and of course prefer to increase both. During the interactive lecture on personal growth, empowerment and spirituality, various tools are given to hold on to the life path formulation, both in your private life as well as the working environment, by working on yourself. We will discuss what living gracefully actually means, how humans are built, what the Delta adjustment theory entails, what constructive desires are and how mindbuilding will bring you further on a daily basis. Finally, there is room for presenting specific life issues, which Dina-Perla will answer extensively to. She will do so, by using her intensive life experiences, the knowledge of various psychological-spiritual systems, including the Kabbalah and A course in miracles and many other works by international masters.