Dina-Perla Loges

Dina-Perla Loges is a high class location, for normal prices. Dina-Perla Loges brings people from around the world together within a couple of square meters. You will experience a true authentic Amsterdam home. The building is almost 200 years old and a prototype of the Amsterdam architecture and building style, including original ornaments on the ceilings, fireplaces, large windows and long stairways. Also, you will be in the best neighborhood of the Netherlands and of Amsterdam, central to wherever you want to go. Besides, Dina-Perla Loges has a warm, serene and safe atmosphere.

I always knew I wanted to open up a small hotel. AirBnB only makes it easier to do so, but it was the plan already long back before hosting became in vogue. I have a permit and am registered according to the Dutch law and regulations. Dina-Perla Loges is here to stay and will contribute to history.

Bookings via dpmedia@mail.com or https://www.airbnb.nl/users/show/2986709