Levende sierlijkheid, Living gracefulness















Living gracefulness and will be published via Uitgeverij Aspekt, both in Dutch as well as in English. A guide for literally everyone who’s willing to invest in him- or herself. Keywords: non-fiction, empowerment personal growth and spirituality. The contract was signed and the release date will be announced in the coming months.



Schaduw achter en gezicht naar de zon, Shadow behind and face towards the sun



















A very special and joyous announcement to make: I signed the contract to work on three memoires, similar to Janet Frame’s work – to me, an extraordinary triptych. The title of my series is called Shadow behind and face towards the sun, in Dutch: Schaduw achter en gezicht naar de zon. The memoires are based on memories as detailed as movies, all my diaries throughout the years and conversations with many people. Each part has an additional subtitle and is a testimony to speaking truth, similar to the work of many masters, including Eve Ensler, Marianne Williamson, Iyanla Vanzant, Isabel Allende, Danielle LaPorte, Martha Beck, Dani Shapiro, Cheryl Strayed, Glennon Doyle, Linda Sivertsen, Anne Lamott, Elizabeth Lesser, Elizabeth Gilbert (coming back to your e-mail two years ago: we’re starting this thing… 🙂 ), Gabby Bernstein, Maya Angelou, Gary Zukav, Paulo Coelho, Shonda Rhimes and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. I call these writers masters, because they research the light and the dark. They do not cover up, keep brokenness or look away. They take the lead, turn darkness into light – everything happens for us – and with that, they truly try to add to the world. They are warriors of the light. I hope, I will be able to be just that, not just in my private life anymore, but in the world. I am a writer on a mission, even more a change agent for personal growth, empowerment and spirituality. It was always there, in every action I took and every word I said, leading me to this undeniable calling.

In terms of timing: we will keep you updated on whether my book Living gracefulness, in Dutch Levende sierijkheid, will come out first, or after part one of the memoires. End of 2017 / beginning of 2018 for both may turn out to be realistic.