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Practice in personal growth, empowerment and spirituality

Corporate spirituality; doing business in changing times / the Waterman era | Crash course online reputation management and crisis communications | Presenting in front of an audience, behind a microphone (audio) or camera (video); a crash course in presentation | The power of positioning on the global, always on, 24/7, business highway | Branding, social media and entrepreneurship | How to write your own press release; a crash course in public relations and media strategy | Ethics in everyday life; values, norms and moral psychology | A conversation on racism and change; the universal human | 1:1 coaching – mindbuilding | Healing power of writing | Living gracefully – hold on to your life path formulation and make wishes come true | Living gracefully according to the psychological-spiritual system called the Kabbalah | Living gracefully according to the psychological-spiritual system called A course in miracles | Intergenerational trauma at micro and macro level | The mysticism of true forgiveness | The power of self-compassion and awareness | Channeling and finding the I am; reinventing yourself | Dealing with loss; awakening through the process of mourning | Self-healing of trauma; body, mind and spirit | Declutter your space, change your life; how to let go of material stuff | Endometriosis – preventing, maintaining quality of life and developments | Maintaining and evolving a sustaining and integer Jewish identity