Living gracefulnessShadow behind and face towards the sunPersonal growth, empowerment & spirituality


                            Living gracefulness and will be published via Uitgeverij Aspekt, both in Dutch as well as in English. A guide for literally everyone who’s willing to invest in him- or herself. Keywords: non-fiction, empowerment personal growth and spirituality. The contract was signed […]

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Change agent for empowerment, personal growth and spirituality. Helping people flourish. Writing and speaking about taboos and living gracefulness, including endometriosis, IVF, customized care, food, chemicals, lifestyle, living arts, bereavement, loss, domestic violence, honor, spirituality, personal growth, feminine body, empowerment, entrepreneurial spirit, work and marriage. Tailored programs and materials per meeting, topic, audience, guideline and […]

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Presentation, webinars, seminars, podcasts, vodcasts / vlogs, lectures, training, workshops and brainstorm sessions of all sorts and shapes. Do not hesitate to call for tailored requests

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Integrated communications: earned, owned, paid and shared media – digital – creative. Examples via background document

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